Periodic Table: Representative Elements & Transition Metals Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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So here in this example question, it says which the following is a transition metal in the fifth period with similar chemical properties to copper, which is represented by the elements symbols. See you all right. So they're telling us that it's a transition metal, so it has to be one of the elements shaded in red. Then they tell us that it's in the fifth period. Remember, Fifth period means that it's in the fifth row of the periodic table. And then remember, you have similar chemical properties if you're in the same group, so we have to come up here. Here goes copper. See you. Our element that we're looking for is in the fifth row, and it has to be a transition metal. So it has to be shaded in red and, most importantly, has to be in the same column or group as copper. So following all that, we'd see that silver, which is a G would be, are correct answer. So coming back down here, that would mean that option C would be are correct choice. So just remember the difference between our transition metals and representative elements. When we're talking about periods, that's just the rows of the periodic table, and if you're in the same group, you're gonna have similar chemical properties