Boiling Point Elevation Example 1

Jules Bruno
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Calculate the boiling point of a 3.71 mobile Equus calcium bromide solution. All right, so they want us to find our boiling point. So remember, your boiling point of solution equals the boiling point of your pure solvent, plus the change in the boiling point. So the boiling point of our pure salt of our pure solvent, what exactly is our solvent here? Well, here they're saying, Aquarius, when we say a quick is that means the solvent is water. Pure water boils at 100°C. All we have to do now is figure out what our new changing boiling point will be. So we're gonna say Delta T B equals I times KB times m remember eyes, the number of ions your salute will dissolve into when placed in a solvent. Here, calcium bromide is Ionic. It breaks up into a calcium ion Plus two bromide ions. For a total of three ions. The solvent is water. The boiling point constant of water is .51°C over morality. Then finally, we're gonna say our morality is given us given to us as 3.71 mole, So moralities cancel out and I'll have my answer. Here is degrees Celsius, which comes out to five point 68°C. So we take that and we plug it here. So when we add those together, our new temperature is 105.68 degrees Celsius. Remember, it's called boiling point elevation. We go up as we add saw you two are pure solvent here. Pure water was at 100 degrees Celsius. After the addition of calcium bromide, it's now at 105.68 degrees Celsius.