Energy Diagrams Example 1

Jules Bruno
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What is the energy value for the product within the following energy diagram? Remember, here this energy diagram is a curb. It looks little bit different from what we might have saw earlier. But remember, at the end of the curve represents our products. So here is where our products lie. All we have to see is where in terms of our energy, don't do products line. If we look here, energy is on the Y axis. And here it resides on this line, which is 100 and 40 killer jewels. So here we say that our products possess an energy of killer jewels Here, the question doesn't ask for but if they wanted our is, remember at the start here or reside on 110 killer jewels. And remember, up here is our transition state. It looks like it's a little bit over 180 killer jewels. So keep this in mind. When you're looking at any particular energy diagram, we have our reactant our transition state and our products. Each of them are lie on some type of energy, uh, one or energy value for any given energy diagram