Thermochemical Equations

by Jules Bruno
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now recall that start geometry deals with the numerical relationship between compounds and a balanced chemical equation. Now, with a thermal chemical equation, we're going to deal with chemical reactions that include an entropy of reaction, which is Delta h r x n so delta h of reaction here with thermal chemical equations, we're gonna be introduced to our thermal chemical start geometric chart. Now here the chart uses the given quantity of a compound to determine the unknown quantity of another compound. So here, with the thermal chemical equation, we have our balanced chemical equation, and to the side of it, you'll see your Delta h of reaction. It's our job to make a connection between your entropy of reaction and either moles, grams molecules. What have you in terms of the chemical reaction? So in a thermal chemical equation, what we're trying to do is not a multiple comparison. We're trying to do a Delta H two mole comparison, and that's the key difference with the thermal chemical equation. Now that we've seen this, let's move on words and talk about mawr with thermal chemical equations