Speed of Light

Jules Bruno
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So here we say the speed of light is the product of wavelength and frequency, and in a vacuum it travels at the speed of 3.0 times 10 to the 8 m per second. We're going to say here it is a physical constant and uses the variable See, So we know that C now represents the speed of like and with it we have our speed of light formula here, see, our speed of light equals wavelength, which we said was lambda Times are frequency which we said was meal. So here, we're going to say Remember, frequency uses mu and wavelength uses lambda and remember, frequency is in units of seconds in verse which is equivalent or equal to hurts. And that wavelength is in units off meters. Remember, it's in this in these units, so that matches the units off our speed of light. Now that we know how wavelength and frequency are connected to the speed of light, move onto the next video and take a look at the example question