Balancing Chemical Equations

Jules Bruno
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in this series of videos, we're gonna take a look at balancing chemical equations when balancing. Always make sure the type and number off Adams on both sides of the arrow are equal. We're going to say in a balanced equation. The numbers that are in red are referred to as the coefficients. So we have to one and two as the coefficients for this balanced equation, and we're talking about type and number of atoms. We'd say that these coefficients get distributed so this, too, would get distributed to this hydrogen. There's already two of them, so two times to give me four hydrogen. This is just the one, so one distributed is one times two, which is two oxygen's on the other side. The two gets distributed, so it be two times the two hydrogen would give me four hydrogen. But there's also one oxygen here, so two times one gives me to oxygen's, so the types of atoms are the same on both sides. I have hydrogen and hydrogen oxygen and oxygen, and then the numbers off each are equal on both sides. Four. Hydrogen, four hydrogen to oxygen's to oxygen's. This is how we ensure a chemical equation is balanced. The types and numbers of each atoms are the same on both sides of the arrow. Now click on the next video and let's take a look at an example question where we go more refined at our approach to balancing a chemical equation.