Kinetic Energy of Gases

Jules Bruno
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now kinetic energy is the energy and object possesses due to its motion. And since we're looking at gas is we're gonna look at how we can use the kinetic energy formulas and relate them to the motion of gas is so here we're gonna say we have two different versions in the first one. We use this one. We have the mass and velocity of a gas. Here we say kinetic energy abbreviated as K e equals half m times V squared here. We're going to say that M is the mass of the gas in kilograms here. It's not a mass in grams, it's in kilograms and V equals velocity of the gas in meters per second. Now kinetic energy, the the value of that will be in jewels or if we take a look, this is in kilograms and and velocities meters over seconds. Right. But it's being squared. So that would mean when we multiply kilograms times, meters over second and all that's being squared, that comes out 2 kg times meters squared over seconds squared. So here jewels are equivalent to kilograms times meter squared over second squared. Now going on the other side. We use this version when we have the moles and temperature of a gas. In this version, we're gonna say kinetic energy now equals 3/2. And then we have times, moles, times rt here and equals the amount of gas in moles are remember we use 8.314 when we're talking about velocity, speed or energy Here we're talking about kinetic energy, so we're using 8.314 Temperature equals this always in units of Kelvin. And then we're going to say here, when we're multiplying these values out, we get leaders, times, atmospheres as the units, and that's an equal to one a 1.3 to jewels. Now, here we have these two kinetic formulas realize that neither one is in purple boxes, which means you don't need to memorize them. If you'll be asked to deal with kinetic energy in some way, you tend to see it embedded within the question or on a formula shoot. Just keep in mind based on if you're dealing with mass and velocity, use the one on the left and if you're dealing with moles and temperature, he used the one on the right