Bond Energy

Jules Bruno
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now here are going to say that bond energy, also called bond in therapy and it's represented by Delta H B E is the amount of energy stored in a bond between atoms in a molecule. Now realize that bond energy values can be calculated can be used to calculate the entropy of reaction, which is Delta h of reaction. Also, what's called the heat of reaction times as well. So just remember, it's the entropy, or heat of reaction. Now we have India thermic processes versus exile, thermic processes and in India, thermic process. Energy is absorbed toe break a bond. And since we're taking in energy where gaining energy, it has a positive sign in an extra thermic process. Energy is released, lost, and if you're losing energy, you have a negative sign. Now, if we take a look here, we're accustomed to seeing equations like this. These two equations you need to remember we're gonna say when given individual bond mantelpiece or bond energies, then the entropy of reaction formula becomes this Entropy of reaction equals reactant minus products. So again, if they're giving us individual bond anti appeaser bond energies, we use this version of the formula. Now, if you've looked at my videos in terms of thermal chemistry, you would see that that formula seems kind of familiar. Well, when we're given the entropy of formation for a whole compound, then its products minus react, it's so if you've seen my videos and thermal chemistry, you will remember this. If you haven't yet, don't worry about it just yet. Realize that when we're dealing with bond envelops bond energies, it's reactant minus products.