Kinetic Molecular Theory

by Jules Bruno
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Now, before we talk about the kinetic molecular theory, let's talk about an ideal gas. Now we did ideal gas law theory. We looked at different calculations. We looked at Stoke geometry deal dealing with ideal gas theory. But what we need to realize is that the ideal gas is an imaginary gas, and it acts as though it is alone by behaving independently of other gasses around it. Now, ideal gas is pretend as though they're the Onley gas within a container that they're not influenced by any other gasses around them. In reality, all containers have hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of gas molecules moving around, bouncing into each other, affecting one another's trajectories. Some of them, if they hit hard enough and in the right spot, they can actually stick together. Now, if we're talking about ideal gasses and they're not riel, how can we talk about them? Well, the kinetic molecular theory. What it does is it uses data of riel gasses to predict how ideal gasses would behave if they existed. So even though ideal gas is air, not rial, we can actually look at riel gasses around us and predict their behavior. If they were around. All right, So now that we know the usefulness of the kinetic molecular theory, click on the next video and let's take a look at an example question.