Empirical Formula

Jules Bruno
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in this video, we're gonna take a look at the difference between our empirical formula and molecular formula. First of all, when it comes to the empirical formula of a compound, we're going to say it's related to the mass percentage of its constituent elements using the mold concept. Remember, the mold concept has to do with us going between grams moles and you did, such as molecules, ions or atoms. We're going to say here that when it comes to our molecular formula, this gives us our actual number of atoms in a compound, and the empirical formula gives us the relative number of atoms and represents the most simplified form. So by convention, we're going to say any formula that's contained whole numbers of each Adam in what's called the whole number ratio. Now, let's put this to practice and really understand what's the difference between molecular formula and empirical formula? Here we have the molecular formulas of different compounds. This is how many actual elements of each type that are present within that compound. The empirical formula can be thought of as it's reduced or simplified form. So if we take a look here we have C three h 603 realize that here 36 and three are all divisible by three. So if I divide this by three, what I'll have left is C H 20 That's C H 20 represents the reduced simplified form or the empirical formula. If we look at the next one, we have C 10 h 14 and to all of these numbers here are divisible by two. So when we divide everything by two, we're going to get C five h seven and that represents the empirical formula. And then finally we have C 12 h 22 0 11. They don't share any number in common where we can reduce it to a simplified form. So we actually have the same empirical formula as molecular formula and we'll see from time to time. That is true. So just remember that your molecular formula is the actual number of each of the elements within a compound, and the empirical formula is the reduced reduced form of that compound. Keep this in mind when doing a comparing off molecular formula versus empirical