Lewis Dot Structures: Ions Example 1

Jules Bruno
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So here it says an ionic compound contains a cat ion, which is a positive ion connected to an anti on, which is a negative ion here. We need to draw the lewis dot structure for the Ionic compound of sodium nitrate. So here, what we're gonna do is step zero. We're going to break up the Ionic compound into its two ionic forms. In this case would break up into an A plus and n 03 minus. Now, for the Poly Atomic Ion, which is the nitrate ion, we're gonna follow steps 127 to draw its lewis dot structure. So here, if we want to draw this, we're gonna say that nitrogen group five days. So it has five violence. Oxygen's in group six A. And there's three of them and then minus one means we gained an outside electron. So we're gonna add one more electron to this giving us 24 valence electrons. We're gonna place the least electro negative element in the center, which is nitrogen. It's gonna form single bonds with our three oxygen's. Remember, the surrounding elements have to fulfill the octet rule, so make sure you add enough electron, so that they have eight. At this present moment we have, we've used all 24 of our electrons, so we have none left. But we run into an issue because nitrogen on Lee has six electrons around it. Remember, if an element is not fulfilling the octet rule, just take one of the lone pairs and use it to make either a double bond or triple bond. Nitrogen requires two more to get to the octet rule. So we're just gonna take one of these lone pairs and draw it here so that we have now eight electrons around nitrogen. Now, step eight, we're gonna place both ions near one another because opposite charges attract. Okay, so here we put this in brackets because ions are placed in brackets and then you would just place the sodium ion nearby. You could put it right here to the left of it. So this illustration will be the way to depict the ionic compound of sodium nitrate