Average Rate of Reaction Example 1

Jules Bruno
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provide the expressions for rate of disappearance, of reactions and rate of appearance of products for the following reaction. All right, so here we're going to say that our average rate So we're gonna say our reactions are these two here. So to be change in the concentration of C three h 70 h divided by remember here, the coefficient for reactions is represented by the variable A. So for this first reactions, it's the to still be, too. Times change in time, since it's a react and it's disappearing. So to be a negative sign here That equals negative for the other. Reactant or change in 02, Divided by nine because the coefficient is nine times change in time and these are equal the products because their products are being made. So this is plus Change in concentration of co two divided by Coefficient of six. With that six times change in time equals plus for the other product being formed. Change in H20 water divided by eight times change in time. So this would represent each one of their average or general rate expressions and how they be equal to one another. So this would be your final answer