Examine Figure 2.3, The periodic table. (g) What is the symbol for the element located in period 3, group 4A?

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Hello everyone today. We are being asked the following question determined the symbol for the element located in three A. And period four. So the first thing we want to know is groups are going to be the columns, the vertical columns of the periodic table and the periods are going to be the horizontal rows. So looking at a standard periodic table. If you look at group three a. That's going to be on the right hand side of the periodic table. And if we look at period four, that is going to be the element gallium or G. A. So if you look at the group three a. The third column going from the first column to the second past the transition metals. The next column would be the three A. And then r. Period would be our row. So we start from the first and we go to the fourth and we end up with gallium. And so the symbol overall is going to be G. A. For gallium. Overall, I hope this helped until next time.