An experimental procedure call for 250 mg of calcium car-bonate. The balance in the laboratory measures mass in grams and reads to four decimal places. Which reading on the bal-ance corresponds to 250 mg? (a) 0.0250 (b) 0.2500 (c) 0.0025

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Welcome back everyone in this example, we need to give the reading of the following laboratory glassware with the right number of sick fix. We need to note that digital balances display mass to the correct number of sig fix. And so since we do have an image of a digital balance, we are given a mass of 36. g. And so we would say that therefore our laboratory reading with the correct number of sig figs would be 36.50 g. We have four sig figs total. And so this value here would be our final answer to complete this example. Pretty straightforward. So I hope that everything I explained was clear. If you have any questions, leave them down below and I will see everyone in the next practice video.