Jules Bruno
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Yeah. Now temperature can be measured in units off Celsius, Fahrenheit and Calvin. And when it comes to these temperature units, we can convert between them in order to convert between them. We just have to utilize certain formulas. Now, here we have purple boxes, and when we have these purple boxes, that means that that's a term or formula you have to memorize. Okay, you have to commit it to memory because oftentimes it's not given to you on an exam or quiz. Now the first one connects Calvin two degrees Celsius, and it's that Calvin equals degree Celsius plus to 73.15. Oftentimes, professors will drop the 0.15 part. But to be as accurate as possible, it's important that you use the whole number so to 73. from this equation, we can see that Kelvin directly connects two degrees Celsius and we could go between them. The next equation connects degrees Fahrenheit two degrees Celsius, and the equation is degrees Fahrenheit equals 1. times degree Celsius plus 32. So this formula here shows us that degrees Celsius is connected F. So from these three units, we can see that Celsius is in the middle, so Celsius acts as the bridge that connects Kelvin F. So just remember, when it comes to temperature, we have three units that we can use. And when it comes to changing between them, these are the two formulas you need to commit to memory Anytime you see a purple box, remember, that means you're gonna have to memorize either that term, that definition or, in this case, off formula.