In which of the periodic groups 1A, 2A, 5A, and 7A is the first letter of all elements’ symbol the same as the first letter of their name?

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Hello everyone today. We have the following problem choose the periodic group that has the same first letter of the element symbol and element name essentially. What this is asking is which group on the periodic table has all of its elements. So where are all of the elements that have the same letter and that it starts with that same name? So for example the element carbon starts with A. C. And its name is carbon. So out of these options groups to A. And three a. Both have elements all of their elements in that group. In that vertical group have the elements starting with the name of their symbol. A couple of examples in to A. Would be calcium. C. A. Starts with the sea. We also have barium B. A. Barium starts with B. And then for three a. We would have boron which starts with A. B. And we even have aluminum A. L. That starts with an A. And so our answer's gonna be B. Groups two a.m. Three A. I hope this helped. And until next time.