Standard Temperature and Pressure

Jules Bruno
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with the idea of STP were faced with a new idea the standard molar volume. Now we're going to say that it represents the volume of one mole of an ideal gas at STP. Alright, so here we're gonna say volume equals moles. Times are t overpay. We're dealing with one mole of the gas Are is just are constant And we're gonna say we're dealing with STP. So our pressure will be to 73.15 Kelvin and our pressure will just simply be one atmosphere we see here that the moles cancel out Kelvin's cancel out atmospheres cancel out. So here we'll have our volume and leaders. When we plug this in, we get 22.4 leaders. This would represent our standard molar volume for one mole of gas and ideal gas. Now this helps to establish a relationship between moles and volumes. And because we have a relationship between Moland volumes, we can create a new conversion factor. And that conversion factor would be that for any one mole of an ideal gas at STP, it's Moeller volume would be 22 4 leaders. So just remember, if we're dealing with STP and we're dealing with one mole of any gas, then it's standard molar. Volume will be 22.4 leaders