Quantum Numbers: Spin Quantum Number Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here we need to provide the n, l, M sable and SMS quantum numbers for the two highlighted electrons in a three D principal level. All right, so because they told us it's a three D principal level that means n equals three. Next, we're going to see that our M. Sobel remember, That's the range is negative. One positive one M. Sobel is the range of l. So that would mean that L is equal to one. We're looking specifically at electrons in the orbital marked zero, so that EMS able for both electrons, is zero. Now, though, one electron is pointing up and one is pointing down that would give us two different M cfs quantum numbers. So let's call this electron one for this electron here. Since it's spinning up, it's M subs would be plus one half and then for electron to the one that's pointing down. It would have the same N l and M slash l, but because it's pointing down, it would be minus one half. So these will be the four quantum numbers for the two electrons within this given orbital