Root Mean Square Speed

Jules Bruno
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So here we're going to say that the root, mean, square speed formula is used to determine the velocity off one type of gas molecules. So if I want to find the root, mean square speed of core in gas or oxygen gas, this is the formula I would use. So root mean square speed is abbreviated as the R M s equals. Now the term root is used in naming this so route would mean square root, so it equals the square root of three rt over em. Here, M stands for the molar mass of the gas not in grams per mole, but kilograms per mole. And here are remember, ours value can change if we're talking about speed, velocity or energy. Since we're talking about speed here it becomes 8.314 jewels over moles, times K. And then finally, temperature will be, as always, in units of Kelvin. So here this represents our root mean square speed formula. When looking at one particular type of gas molecule