The Toyota Prius, a hybrid electric vehicle, has an EPA gas mileage rating of 52 mi>gal in the city. How many kilometers can the Prius travel on 15 L of gasoline?

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Hi everyone today, we have a question telling us that a motorcycle gas tank has a volume of 1024 ounces with the amount of gasoline that fits the tank, calculate the distance in yards A motorcycle can travel if its mileage rating is 253 kilometers per liter first. We need to remember our conversion factors. One leader equals 0.8 14 ounces and one kilometer Equals 1,094 yards. Now we need to put this into an equation, We're going to start here with our 1,024oz and then we need to cancel the ounces out. So we're gonna use one l over 33 .814oz and that cancels out our ounces Now we need to cancel out our leaders. So we have 253 km on top over one leader and that was given it to us in the prompt and that cancels out our leaders and now we need to cancel our kilometers. So we're going to use 1009, The four yards on top over one kilometer and that cancels out our kilometers and that's going to equal 8.38 times 10 to the 60 yards. And that is our final answer. Thank you for watching. Bye.