Periodic Trend: Cumulative Example 1

Jules Bruno
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so here it says elements with blank first ionization energies and mawr blank Electron affinities generally form cat ions. Remember, a cat ion is a positive ion, and if you're trying to make a positive ion, that means that you're a metal. Remember, metals tend to form can ions. Now that we know that it's a metal, let's think about electron affinity and ionization energy for metals. Metals tend to have low first ionization energies. It's easy to remove their electrons so they could become a positive ion. So here that would mean that the answer is either a or C. And let's think about electron affinity. Remember, as we head towards the top right corner away from the metals are electron. Affinity will increase. It becomes mawr Excell thermic. So here we're doing the exact opposite metals arm or to the left. So they're not Mawr excell, thermic there mawr Indo thermic. So here we're going to have see as our best answer