Thermal Equilibrium Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here in this example question. It says if 50 g block of lead at 250 degrees Celsius, it submerged in the solution and 90 degrees Celsius, the final temperature of the solution will be. So let's just think about it. We have a container. We have, ah, hot piece of lead here, being submerged in some colder water, so try to use everyday real experiences here. What happens? I take a hot pan and I dunk it into the sink filled with water. We'll hear the pants sizzle. That's because the pan is releasing its extra heat into the water. The water is becoming Vape arised. Remember thermal equilibrium. They're both going to reach a temperature. That's the same for both of them. The temperature that they reach should be a temperature somewhere between 150 degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Celsius, because we'd expect the hotter object to release enough heat so that it and the the solvent that it's in can reach the same temperature. So about hotter object cools down some. The colder object warms up some. Their new final temperature will exist somewhere between their two initial temperatures, so we expect that the temperature of the solution to be greater than 90 degrees Celsius it will be a number between 1 50 90 degrees Celsius.