Molecular Orbital Theory Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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Provide the electron orbital diagram for nitrogen atom, nitrogen has an atomic number of seven. And since we're dealing with nitrogen atom we're dealing with it's neutral form which means it also has seven electrons. Following the off Bob principle, we fill up one s completely before moving on to to us, filling to us completely before moving on to two p. So we'd say one up one down. Following the Pauli exclusion principle, electrons in the same orbital can must have opposite spins. So that's two so far. One up one down. So so far we've drawn four electrons, we gotta get to seven. So we need three more Now. These next atomic orbital are all two p orbital's so they're all degenerate. They have the same energy. So following Hunt's rule, we have to have Phil So this would be electron five, six and seven. So this would represent the electron orbital diagram for the nitrogen atom.