Molecular Orbital Theory Concept 1

by Jules Bruno
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Now, before we can talk about molecular orbital theory, let's have a quick recap on electron orbital diagrams. So we're gonna say we call that electrons are distributed one S 22, S, 22 P and so on. Within within orbital's using what we call the off about principles, remember that electron orbital themselves show electrons as residing within atomic orbital's. Now, with this whole thing of electron orbital diagrams and electrons, we're gonna say we have the poly exclusion principle and Hunt's role under the poly exclusion principle and orbital can hold a maximum of two electrons that have to have opposite spins. One points up in one points down, remember this affects our spin quantum number of um Sebas Hunt's rule says that same energy orbital's also known as degenerate orbital's our first half filled before being totally filled. Right? So we for pr but as we go up up up and then come back around down, down, down if necessary. So again, before we can learn about molecular orbital theory, let's just recap electron orbital diagrams