The Ideal Gas Law: Density Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here. It says an unknown gas sample has a density of 1.70 g per leader. If if the sample has a volume of 120 miles, what is its mass in grams? Alright, so here were given to values. But we want to start out with 120 miles because it just has one unit by itself, easier to manipulate. So we're gonna start out with 1 20 millimeters, realize that we need to isolate our grams, which are found here. And in order to isolate those grams, I need to cancel out the leaders. So that tells me that I need to convert 120 m Els into leaders first. So remember, one Millie is 10 to the negative three leaders. Now that I have leaders, I can bring in my density, which is 1.7 g per one leader. So here leaders cancel out, I'll be left with grams at the end. When I punched that in, that gives me 0.204 g off my unknown gas. Here, my number has three sig figs because 1.70 has three sig figs and this has four Sig figs. Remember, we want to go with the least number off Sig Figs when? When it's reasonable. Here, 40.204 g is a reasonable answer for unknown gas.