Balancing Redox Reactions: Basic Solutions

Jules Bruno
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Now, before we start talking about balancing Redox reactions and basic solutions, I highly suggest, if you haven't done so yet to go back and take a look at my videos on balancing redox reactions in acidic solutions. Now that's because balancing basic Redox reactions requires all the same steps as balancing in acidic solution, plus one additional step. So if you've mastered how to balance a Redox reaction in acidic solution, all this is is adding one last step a Step seven to get your balanced Redox reaction. Now we're going to say here that for basic Redox reactions, we generally have the presence of hydroxide ion. Remember hydroxide ion is O. H. Minus. All right, so if you watch my videos in terms of balancing in acidic solutions, you'll get most of this right off the bat. It's just that Step seven, that's gonna be a little bit different. So when we get to that point, we'll see what we need to do to balance our Redox reaction. For now, click on to the next video and let's take a look at the example question