Jules Bruno
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Osma Larry T, sometimes referred to as Ionic Polarity, represents the number of moles off ions per leader of solutions. So sounds kind of familiar. We know that polarity represents moles of solute per leaders of solution. Now we're looking at salutes that have charges because now we're looking at ions and we're gonna say when it comes to Osmo clarity, there are a few different methods that we can employ to answer particular questions. Now, in Method One, we have direct calculation off osmo clarity. In this first method, we use the moles of ions and the leaders off solution with, um, it's formula to calculate Osma clarity. Now here this is just simply Osma Clarity equals moles of ions over leaders of solution again pretty similar to Mole Ari, which is just moles of solute over leaders of solution. Now that we've gotten the basic understanding of what Osma Clarity represents, let's click on to the next video when start doing some example questions dealing with Osma clarity under method one