Molecular Equations Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example question. It says which of the following is a precipitation reaction? Remember, in a precipitation reaction, we have a quiz reacting, one reacting with a quick reaction to to produce products. And at least one of those products has to be a solid ionic compound. So if we take a look here in the first one, we have to Equus reactant. That's cool. But here we're creating water as a liquid and an ionic compound. Here, HCL is an acid coaches a base, so this actually is an acid base reaction or equation for the next one. We have a solid reactor, reacting with an aqueous, reacting to produce a solid product and iniquitous product. Now remember for to be a precipitation reaction, both of my reactant have to be in the acquis form. One of them is a solid, so this will not do for the last one. We have to acquiesce, react INTs and we created at least one solid product. Because of this option, C would have to represent our precipitation reaction