MO Theory: Bond Order Concept 2

Jules Bruno
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now recall that the bond order can determine how many bonds formed between two elements in a compound. And if we have a visual representation of our molecule, we can look at the connections between two elements and simply determine the bond order from that. So if we look at a molecule and we see a single bond between two elements, that means the bond order between them would be one. If we see a double bond between two elements, then their bond order would be to. So if I gave you, for example, here I give you carbon triple bonded to nitrogen, we see a triple bond there. So the body order would simply be three. So again we can calculate bond order by setting up a molecular orbital diagram and then figuring out the number of bonding and anti bonding electrons. Or if they give you the actual lewis dot structure of a molecule, you can look at the bond between the two elements and simply say what the bond order is from that as well.