Hybridization Example 1

Jules Bruno
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determine the hybridization of the sulfur atom within sulfur tetra bromine. So some for is in group six a. So it has six valence electrons. And remember how religions when they're not in the center, they only make single bonds. So our sulfur will single bond to the four bro means Brahmins are in group 78. So they have seven valence electrons themselves. So there goes our four bro means And then remember software is in group six a. It's only using four out of its six valence electrons. So two of them would exist as a long pair. Now if we take a look here, how many electron groups are around sulfur? 12 345. Remember five electron groups would mean that we're tribunal by pyramidal in terms of the electron geometry. But more importantly that would mean that we're sp three D. In terms of hybridization. Remember you can verify this by saying that S. has a superscript that's invisible which is one plus the superscript of three for for P Plus one for deep. Together they add up to five which represents the five electron groups around the sulfur atom. Alright, so here are hybridization. Once again for the sulfur atom is sp three D.