Periodic Trend: Metallic Character

by Jules Bruno
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now metallic character has to do with how easily element can lose an electron, the easier it is for an element to lose an electron, the greater its metallic character. Now remember, metals tend to lose electrons. Non metals tend to gain electrons when it comes to the major table class major periodic table classifications we have our medals are metal Lloyds and are non metals. And we're gonna say the periodic trend here is metallic character is going to decrease as we move from left to right across a period. So as we're going this way and as we go up ah, group, this makes sense because where are the medals on the periodic table? They're all clustered mawr to the left and the bottom. As we're heading towards the top right corner, we're moving away from the medals, so our metallic character is supposed to decrease. So just remember, this is one of the simplest periodic trends to understand metallic character. The closer you are to the medals, the more metallic character you have, the further away you are from the medals, the less metallic character you're going to have