Periodic Trend: Metallic Character Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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so here it says, Based on the periodic trend, which element would have the greater metallic character? So here, let's compare sulfur versus delirium. So looking on the periodic table, we see sulfur here we see toe Leary. Um, here. Remember, the trend is as we head towards the top, right corner are metallic character will decrease. And as we move up a group, a metallic character will also decrease. So since till Erie, um is further down, it should have more metallic character closer to the metals As we're going up, the group were becoming less metallic and therefore sulfur would have a lower metallic character. So just remember, the closer we come closer, we get to the metals, the greater our metallic character will be. The further away we get from the medals, the lower our metallic character will be