Henry's Law Calculations Example 2

by Jules Bruno
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at a pressure of 2.88 atmospheres. The psy ability of deplore methane, which is ch two cl two is 20.384 mg per liter. If the cell viability decreases 2.225 mg/l, what is the new pressure? Alright, so here they're giving us one pressure, but they're asking for a new pressure. So since this is the first pressure that's given, this is P one. And since this is the second pressure that's talked about, this is P two Connected to P. one. Is this solid ability, Which we're gonna say is S one And connected to the new pressure we need to find is this side building, which we call S two. So now we're just gonna solve, So we're going to say here, that s one over p one equals s two over p two. So then we're gonna plug in the numbers that we know. So this is .384, Divided by 2. Equals saw stability .225 mg/l, Divided by P two, which we don't know you're going to cross multiply these two And cross multiply these two. Yeah. So when we do that, what we're gonna see is we're going to have .384 mg/l, Times P two equals. So when I multiply those two together, he's 1.648 milligrams over leaders times. Atmospheres Divide both sides now, by .384 mg/l. Yeah. So these units cancel out, and we'll have P two equal two atmospheres. So here, p two equals 1. atmospheres as my final answer.