Henry's Law Calculations Concept 1

by Jules Bruno
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the concentration, also referred to as the solid ability of a dissolved gas, can be determined from its pennies law. Constant and partial pressure. Now, when I say Henry's law constant, that's the variable k sub h. And it represents the saw the ability of a gas at a fixed temperature in a particular solvent in malaria T, which remember, use the variable capital. And also remember, we've discussed this before, where concentration of polarity are synonymous with one another. Usually professors will interchange them. We can say concentration or polarity. They mean the same thing With this idea of Henry's law, Constant comes Henry's law formula. Where s gas? Which equals the Saudi ability of a gas in polarity, equals Henry's constant, which is K H. And here it's in units of polarity overpressure. So our normal type of pressure is atmospheres. But remember, there's a possibility of tours or millimeters of mercury as well. So always be on the lookout for the units that you'll see for Henry's law constant. Usually you'll see it in polarities over atmospheres, but there can be times more. You might see it in polarities over tours or polarities over millimeters of mercury If it makes you feel more comfortable, just convert those pressure units all two atmospheres, and use this version of Henry's law Constant now. And that's times P gas. P gas is the partial pressure of the gas in atmospheres, and again, units are always important. The units here for partial pressure and atmosphere is because we're using these units for Henry's law, constant polarity over atmospheres.