Lewis Dot Structures: Acids

Jules Bruno
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Now we're going to say here generally, an acid is a cold, violent compound, meaning it's on Lee connected to non metals. And it begins with the hydrogen ion called the hydro knee. Um, ion common acids. We have H P R H N 03 hcl a four, h two s, 04 and H three people four. These air, some common types of acids. All of them are co violent. All of them begin with hydrogen. Now, how could it be chemistry without some exceptions? Of course. So acetic acid is an exception. This form shows it as co Vaillant and hydrogen at the beginning. But acetic acid can also be written as ch three C o h. This is also it's acidic form. Now we're gonna say acids, We're gonna say they can break up when they're dissolved into H plus. So they're gonna were gonna say that there are soluble covalin compounds that dissolve into H plus and an eye on one place in solution. So HBR here could break up into H plus and B R minus. So just remember these key things about acids