Multiplication & Division Calculation 1

Jules Bruno
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using the method discussed above. Determine the answer when the following values are multiplied. So here we have these three values in scientific notation undergoing application. What we're gonna do here is we're gonna multiply the coefficients here and then remember, the exponents get added together. So we multiply those three coefficients together off 2.134 times 1.66 times 3.7 We get 10.4822 And remember, the exponents are adding together so that be five plus negative three plus six. So that would give me eight at the end. But remember, when it comes to multiply your coefficients when you're doing multiplication or division, it has to be least number of significant figures. Now, when you have a decimal place, remember, we go from left to right, we start counting. Once you get to your first non zero number, your first non zero number here is to So you start counting there and you count all the way until the end. So 1234 Here's your first non 012 Here's your first non So at least number of sick things would be to. Now, the way we look at this answer, it's not written correctly in terms of scientific notation. Remember, your coefficient has to be a number between one but less than 10. So we're gonna have to move this decimal over one. We just made our number smaller. It went from 10 to 1. If you're coefficient gets smaller, that means you're exponents gonna get larger. So becomes 10 to the nine and we need to six. Fix for this would be one point zero times 10 to the nine. If you punch this into your calculator, you should get this answer now. Remember, when you're doing a number of times 10 toe any power, you should put it in parentheses in your calculator. So you should put parentheses around each of these numbers and then multiply them. If you don't do that, your calculator most likely will give you the incorrect answer. But based on what we've seen up above, this would be the correct value when we're multiplying. These three numbers in scientific notation attempt to do the following example. Just like we did this one. Come back and see if your answer matches up with mine.