Multiplication & Division Calculation 2

Jules Bruno
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so here it says, using the methods discussed above determined the answer for the following mixed operations question. So we have a combination of multiplication and division occurring in this question. So when it comes to the coefficients, your are coefficients. We're multiplying those coefficients together here. When we do that gives us 11.8454 And then here The X bones when they're multiplying would be adding together so that the eight plus negative one, which gives me a seven. But then you're dividing 10 to the seven by 10 to the 11th. Remember, when you're dividing, it really means you're subtracting, so that gives us negative four. Our answer here is not written correctly. Your coefficient has to be a number between one and 10. So again, I'm gonna move this decimal over one to give us 1.18454 We just made that coefficient smaller, which means our power is going to become larger. So instead of being negative for now, it's gonna be negative. Three. And remember, we got our answer here, but it's not the best answer we're multiplying or dividing the coefficients. It's the least number of significant figures. So here, this one has three sig figs. This one here also has three sig figs. And then finally, this one also has 36 fix. So our answer at the N s have three significant figures. So it be 1.18 times 10 to the negative three as my final answer.