List several general properties of the following groups: (a) Alkali metals (b) Noble gases (c) Halogens

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welcome back everyone. Which of the following general properties are matched with the correct group in our periodic table. So looking at choice A. It says that we have lustrous silvery metals which are less reactive in water. And this is attributed to our noble gas group. So we definitely would disagree with choice A. Because these properties that are listed do not describe noble gasses. We want to recognize that this actually describes what we would recall as alkaline earth metals on our periodic table And recall that our alkaline earth metals are located in group two a. of our periodic table. So Group two a. Elements. So let's rule out choice A. And move onto Choice B. Soft silvery metals that react rapidly with water known as alkali metals. So we would recognize from statement A. Which describes our alkaline earth metals that alkaline earth metals are, we would say less reactive in water. Whereas statement B says that these alkali metals react rapidly with water, recall that our alkali metals are located in Group one a. of our periodic table. And we would definitely agree with this entire description of properties for alkali metals. They are indeed soft silvery metals that react rapidly with water, meaning that choice be seems like a great answer. Choice. Moving onto choice See we have inert gasses or very low chemical reactivity attributed to religions. So we're going to also disagree with choice c. Because we want to recall that this is not describing our halogen group which we recall is group seven a. But rather is describing our noble gas group on our periodic table, which we recall is group ATE A. So let's rule out Choice C. And now we have statement D. Which says that non metallic corrosive and found the nature combined with other elements describes our alkaline earth metals. So we would also disagree with statement D. We know that statement A. Is what describes our alkaline earth metals in Group two A. But statement D. On the other hand, is describing our halogen group in group seven A. Of our periodic table. So this is describing our religions, meaning that we would also rule out Choice D. And the only correct choice as containing the correct general properties with the correct group would be Choice B. Which describes soft silvery metals that react rapidly with water as our alkali metals located in Group one A. Of our periodic table. I hope everything I went through was clear. If you have any questions, please leave them down below and I'll see everyone in the next practice video.