Periodic Table: Group Names Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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So in this example problem, it says, Which of the following is a metal in the fourth period? Remember, fourth period means that we're dealing with the fourth row in the periodic table. And remember, the three classifications for elements and periodic table aren't metals, non metals and metal Lloyds. So looking in the fourth row, let's look at sea where each of these choices are located. So we have a sodium, sodium is a mental, but it's not in the fourth period. It's in the third period. The third row. Strong tea, um, strong team is also a metal, but it's in the fifth period or fifth row. Next we have bro mean which is BR. So it's over here now, bro Ming is in the fourth period. But bro mean, if we remember, is a non metal calcium. Calcium is right here. Calcium is a metal and it's in the fourth period, so this looks like it will be our answer. But let's look at the other choices. We have aluminum here. Aluminum is right here. It is a metal, but it is in the third period or third row, so it cannot be our answer. So, as a result, Onley Option D is the correct choice