Pressure Units

Jules Bruno
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additional non S i units for pressure used by chemists are atmospheres, which is ATM millimeters of mercury, which is MM H G. And then just tour. Now these units for pressure have their own pressure value, which can be related to one another. Now, remember, if you see a purple box that people box means you have to memorize it because usually it's not given to you in terms of a quiz or exam. Now the pressure values associated with atmospheres Millimeters of Mercury and Tour are one 7 60 and then 60 again. Now the less commonly known ones. Pascal's cable, Pascal's bars and slides are in purple boxes, meaning they're not usually expected to be memorized. They'll be given to you in some way within the question or formula sheet. Now they're pressure. Values are 1.13 to 5 times 10 to the five kilo. Remember, Kilo was 10 to the three, so this is one on 1.3 to 5 bars. Here is 1.13 to 5. And then finally, if we look at Sai Sai is 14.696 now, these numbers relate to one another. We said that there a way to relate to each each other to each other. That means that one atmosphere equals 7 millimeters of mercury, or 1.13 to 5 bars equals 7, 14, 696 size. So these are just ways of them connecting toe one another. But again, it's the first three that are gonna be the most important. Even though they're non s I units, they're the ones most commonly used by chemist. So now that we know these different types of pressure values, let's continue onward to an example quest.