Intermolecular Forces Concept 1

by Jules Bruno
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before we can talk about the inter molecular forces realize that it is one of two major electrostatic forces, the other one being in truck molecular forces. All right, so, we have these two major electrostatic forces i. E. Attractive forces that exist. So in trump molecular exists within a molecule and they bond atoms together and they influence the chemical properties of those molecules. We're gonna say here this influences chemical bonds which we break down into ionic and co valent and realize that when it comes to intra molecular forces, they are stronger than inter molecular forces. Now, what exactly are inter molecular forces then? Well, these are the attractive forces that exist between molecules and they influence the physical properties. Now they hold liquid and solid molecules together so they are important. So if we take here a look at the visual representation of an intra molecular force versus an inter molecular force intra is inside the molecule. So here we're talking about the actual chemical bond between an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom within water. In term molecular is always between molecules. So here we're talking about the attractive forces between two water molecules and in this image, why they attracted to one another. Well, remember electro negativity, hydrogen are less electro negative. So it's partially positive oxygen is more electro negative, so it's partially negative. Their differences in polarity make them attracted to one another. And this dotted line shows that attractive force. So realize that an intra molecular force is the literal bond between atoms and inter molecular force is not an actual bond. You'll see that it's shown as a dotted line, symbolizing an attraction between molecules, not a literal bonds between molecules.