Dilutions Example 2

by Jules Bruno
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in this example question. It says what volume and milliliters off 5.2 Mueller hydroponic acid must be used to prepare 3.5 leaders off 2.7 Mueller hydroponic acid. Now, how do we know this is a dilution question? Well, typically in a dilution question, we're only talking about one compound, and with that one compound to be talking about dilution, we tend to deal with two more clarity's. Okay, so the fact that we're dealing with just hydroponic acid and we have two more clarity is associated with it is a strong indication that we're dealing with the dilution. So that means we're gonna use em. One V one equals M two V two. Now, remember, M one is larger than M two because I m. One represents your concentrated solution before you've begun dilution. Because of this 5.2 Mueller has to be our M one. It's the larger polarity associated with m one is V one. We don't see any number around it, So v one is what we're looking for now. Remember also that the word off when it's in between two numbers, that means multiply. We're going to say here that this is the smaller polarity. So this has to be m two. So that's our diluted. More clarity. We're multiplying it with 3.5 leaders. So based on the dilution equation, 3.5 leaders has to be V two. We're gonna isolate V one, so divide both sides by 5.2. Moeller the mole. Aridjis, cancel out and look, we'll have V one. But here it will be in leaders. So that comes out to be 1.8173 leaders. We want the answer milliliters. So just do a quick metric prefix conversion leaders on the bottom metal leaders on top one Millie is 10 to the negative three. So leaders cancel out. And that comes out to be 1817. mL here, 5.23 point five and 2.7 All have to sig figs. So if we wanted to significant figures here, we just write this as 1800 middle leaders 1800 mL as our final answer. So just remember, when we're dealing with one compound and we have different polarities, that's a strong indication that we're dealing with a dilution equation, So use the dilution formula and solve for the missing variable