Freezing Point Depression Concept 1

Jules Bruno
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the phenomenon when adding a salute to appear solvent results in the decreasing of the freezing point of the solvent. Now, with this whole idea of freezing point depression, we have what are called the normal freezing point and the freezing point of the solution. Now the normal freezing point which I'm gonna bring you as FP has to do with our pure solvent. We're going to say this is the freezing point of the solvent before the addition of the salute and the freezing point of the solution which we're going to say is FP solution. This is the freezing point of the solvent after the additional Salyut. Remember, once you had sought to solve it, it becomes a solution. Now if we take a look at freezing point depression, let's look at some important areas. First, we have the freezing point depression formula, which is delta T f. Which stands for are changing freezing point equals I, which is your mental factor times KF which is your freezing point? Constant of the solvent in degrees Celsius over morality times morality itself Remember morality is just moles of solute over kilograms of solvent. Now that we know the components of the freezing point depression formula realize How does it relate to the freezing point of a solution? Well, we're gonna say freezing point of the solution equals freezing point of the pure solvent minus delta T f. And we take a look here, we can see that we have some common types of solvents. We have water, benzene, chloroform and ethanol each with their own normal freezing point before the addition of any salute. Each of them also has their own unique freezing point. Constant value. No, you don't need to memorize these. This is just for reference of some of the most common types of solvents you may see. So just remember, when it comes to the freezing point, depression are freezing. Point decreases, the more salient we add to our solvent.