Emission Spectrum

Jules Bruno
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with atomic emission. We have different line spectrum that can be formed now with a line emission spectrum. It shows the energy released as electrons travel between different shells. So in this first grouping, we have electrons going from a higher shell number or that that be shells 234 or some unknown higher value, all of them. And at show number one, So they're all ending at the same place, so they're all gonna fall within a certain general energy range. And here we're going to say, if you're going from a higher shell number and ending at Shell one, you're gonna exist within the UV spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now, here are next groupings. All of these. They started some higher shell number, and they go all the way down to shell, too. When that happens, you belong to the visible light spectrum. And then finally, if you're going from a higher shell number and ending down at energy level three, then you would produce what we call infrared energy. Remember, UV visible and IR are all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now there are names attached to these different types of emissions. So we're gonna say names of emission spectra are based on the final shell reached by the electron. So here were saying that in these Siri's you're ending at Shell 12345 and six. We already said that if you're going from a higher shell number and ending at one, you would exist within the UV or ultraviolet light spectrum. If you end at Shell to, then you'd fall within the visible light spectrum. Yeah, and then, if you end up at position or shell three through six, then you would actually be in the infrared of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now the names associated with these different types of emissions are your linemen. Siri's. We have the Bomber, Siri's the Passion, Siri's. We have the bracket, Siri's, the Fund, Siri's and the Humphrey Siri's. Yes, some of these names, they're weird. They're named after the individual responsible for their discovery. So that's why the names are all over the place. But just realize that as we go from a higher shell number to a lower shell number that represents an emission and depending on which shall you land on as your final destination. You exist as one of these different types of Siri's, and maybe they'll be associated with either UV visible or infrared energy