Emission Spectrum Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here, it says. Which of the following electron emissions corresponds to the bomber Siris of lines in the spectrum of a hydrogen atom? Right here. It doesn't matter that it's dealing with the hydrogen atom. What's important is that we're dealing with a bomber, Siri's remember in a bomber Siri's. We go from a higher show number, which we can call infinity, and our final destination is tow land on Shell number two. So we're landing on and equals two. So all we have to do is look to see which option shows us going from, Ah, higher shell number and stopping at Shell Number two. That represents a bomber. Siri's. So if we take a look at all the options, the only one that has a higher shell number ending at Shell number two will be option B and B. We start off with the electron existing in shell number five and then emits energy or light and drop us back down to show number two. This represents a bomber Siris for an emission line spectra