Chemistry Gas Laws Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here, we're told that a 10 liter cylinder with a movable piston contains 10 g of xenon gas when an additional 10 g of lean on gas or added the volume increases which chemistry gas law can be used to justify this result. All right, so within this question, what are we talking about? We're talking about the volume of a container, and they tell me when I add grams, it increases so they could be asked me to determine what the new volume. It's so v two, they're giving me 10 g of a gas. If I know the grams of a gas, I can use that to find the moles of the gas and then by adding additional grams of the gas that changes the moles, right? So basically using this information, it could help me find my second set of moles. So this question is really highlighting the fact that it's your volume and your moles that are changing and based on the chemistry gas law that we know, we know that when we're dealing with volume and moles, it has to be avocados law, so option B would be the correct choice. It is the only chemistry gas law that's talking about changes between volume and moles.