Combustion Analysis

Jules Bruno
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We've talked about the combustion of hydrocarbons compounds that possess Onley, hydrogen and carbon. But now we're gonna take a look at non hydrocarbons. We're going to stay here. A non hydrocarbon represents a compound containing not Onley carbon and hydrogen, but also sulfur, nitrogen or a halogen. Now, remember, your halogen are the elements from group seven A. So we're talking about flooring, chlorine, bromine or iodine. We're gonna say through combustion analysis they can create gashes products such as eso to which is called sulfur dioxide N 02 which is called nitrogen dioxide as well as die atomic molecules. Remember, the halogen in their natural forms exist as f to a C L to be our to and I to. So this is a little bit different from what we're accustomed to seeing with combustion reactions where we typically just see seal to and water being formed but realize sealed twin water being formed is strictly for hydrocarbons and compounds with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Now, when we introduced these new elements, expect to make new types of final products, So just keep that in mind when we're dealing with non hydro non hydrocarbons within our question