Molality Example 1

Jules Bruno
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A solution contains 24.8 g of sucrose, which has the molecular formula of C- 12, H- 22011 and it's dissolved in 550 g of water. Calculate the morality of the solution. So remember Malala t equals moles of solute divided by kilograms of solvent. Our salute is the amount that's smaller, so 24.8 g of sucrose would be our salute and then the larger amount would be our solvent. So water here is a solvent. So what I'm gonna do first is the easier one. Let's just convert grams to kilograms. So we have here 550 g of water And remember, one kg is 10 to the three. So one kg is tender, the three grants So that's .550 kg. Next, I need to find the moles of sucrose. So we have 2. 48, or 24.8 grams of sucrose For every one mole of sucrose. How many grams do we have? So we have 12 carbons. 22 hydrogen, 11 oxygen's. Their combined mass comes out to 3. 42.296 So here, grams, cancel out and we'll have our moles, which comes out to be 0.7245 moles. I'm gonna take those moles and plug them up over here. Moles of sucrose So when I divide my moles by my kilograms, I'll get my morality. So here, 24.8 has three sig figs 550.0 Has four sick fix always go with the least number of sick fix. So we're gonna have three sick fix at the end. So this comes out to the point 132 mobile, so this would be our final answer.