Look at the alphabetical list of elements inside the front cover. Give the names corresponding to the following symbols: (a) B (b) Rh (c) Cf (d) Os (e) Ga

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Hey everyone, let's go ahead and practice naming our elements. So starting off with our first one, we have the symbol of capital R. H. So that's going to be rhodium. Next we have capital S. I. This one is going to be silicon and it can easily be mistaken as silver, but remember silver is capital A. G. Moving on to our next one, we have oxygen capital O. And lastly we have capital P, which would be our phosphorus. And this one could also be easily mistaken as potassium, potassium is written with a capital K. So our answer here is going to be C. So I hope that made sense. And let us know if you have any other questions.