Naming Molecular Compounds

Jules Bruno
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here, we're gonna learn how to name molecular compounds. First off, molecular compounds are the same thing as Covalin compounds. And remember that CO violent compounds are compounds containing Onley. Non metals bonded together. We're gonna say here that they use numerical prefixes. No numerical prefixes are always required because these compounds can combine in different proportions. And our numerical prefixes go from mono all the way to Decca. So mono one, Some of them are pretty familiar to us. Pentagon five sides. So Penta as five hexagon, it's six sides. So Texas six some may not be as common for us. Heh. PTA Meaning seven. And no Noah. Meaning nine. Now, how exactly do we go about naming these Covalin or molecular compounds? Well, here we're gonna say step one is that the nonmetal, the first non metal is named normally and uses all numerical prefixes except for mono does not use mono. The second nonmetal keeps its base name, uses any numerical prefix and has its ending change toe. I'd And then finally, what we need to realize with this is when naming if the letter a of numerical prefix is next to a letter. Oh, we must just dropped the letter? A. So, for example, we have her truck side to try. Oxide means we have oxygen because the base name is ox and there are four oxygen's tetra meaning for, But we have an A and an O next to each other. And when we have an A in and oh next to each other, we just drop the A. So this becomes ter truck side. Now that we know what molecular or Covalin compounds are and we know the rules for for them, let's look at some questions and apply what we just learned.